Friday, February 13, 2015

Another Valentine's Day Bites the Dust

If you're looking for a Valentine miracle here, push on. There is none.

I had such high hopes. Guarded, but high hopes.

It's nearly 7pm, but still no word. The time has come to face facts; I will spend this weekend wading the cold depths of Knob Creek. Manhattans for the broken hearts! Dreams of spending time with the love of a life have come to an end. My love walked away  from me today, never looking back.

I want to cry, but why? What will it change? When a man wants you, there is nothing to stop him. When he doesn't, well there is no force in the Universe to compel him to do otherwise. Why would a woman want him to do so anyway? Who wants a love who doesn't love you enough to pursue you?

I'm going to my swimming lessons in the creek. I'm going to float.

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