Friday, October 17, 2014


It's official! I've fully surrendered my soul to the #TGIT on ABC, aka the #Darkside, aka #Scandal, aka #How to Get Away with Murder, aka, #ImNotEditingMyBookBecauseImWatchingTGIT. It's all so entangled, lowdown, smart, treacherous, devious, and delicious. You can find highlights from ABC's Thursday night tour of Shondaland all over the net, but here are some my takeaways.

 1. I'm need clarification on what #EiffelTowering is? Please keep your explanations as clean as possible .

2. Those bottles of wine have started talking to my girl, Mellie. Don't feel shamed Mellie. Trust me, you're not alone in Outer Limits of Merlot. In any case, wine therapy has made our girl 'as crazy as a Betsy bug,' as my Southern mother would say.


3. Wine courage (a byproduct of wine therapy) can get you in trouble. Shaunte Bell shared Chaz B (@chazbeasley) Twitter post on +Google:

4. Mellie, Fitz doesn't respect you anymore. He snapped hard on you. That was wrong, but I guess he was fed up, thinking, "My Liv wouldn't break down like this." Thanks to Luvvie A for summarizing.


How To Get Away with Murder

I'm still getting into this show, but it isn't short stopping on clips and quotes.

I was on Twitter, so I missed the scene leading up to this. This is a classic scene of a woman who is outdone and outraged by her man's mind blowing betrayal. Watch out for her quiet, controlled fury. It's time for Annalise to go to war with the man she loves. When the wig, makeup, and jewelry comes off, the sh## goes down. Sam's betrayal has left her soul bare and exposed, or so it seems. If you ask me, Annalise just strapped on her armor.

Until next Thursday #TGIT nation. See you on Twitter!!! @Lafleur2009