Tuesday, September 23, 2014

San Diego Film Festival : September 24-28 2014

The Mall.

It's a scary place. It takes my car note and rent money. So, when I venture into the terror/pleasuredome, I go with a specific agenda. No window shopping. Don't run into Nordstrom's for a minute. Do not walk through Bloomies. I enter through a common, outdoor area, go to the mall directory, find my destination and head there.

My mission was successful. I located Sephoria, purchased my hair product (Wen, it worked pretty good. I'm a first time user). I was hungry, so I found a bite to eat, and then went home. Yet, as I was leaving the mall, something caught my eye. A banner for the San Diego Film Festival. A film festival? Although I rarely go to the movies, I enjoy film festivals. I attended the San Diego Black Film Festival at the beginning of the year and had a great time.

Of course, the festival occurs at the same time I have a big conference at work; however, I hope to at least make one showing. Directed by Travolta Cooper and narrated by Dennis HaysbertBlack Moses, the story of Prime Minister LO Pindling and his struggle to bring independence to British ruled Bahamian Islands, will screen at the Reading Theater in the Gaslamp on Saturday September 27 at 4:30 pm. For ticket information and the festival schedule, please follow the link below:

2014 Schedule | San Diego Film Festival : September 24-28 2014 : Passes On Sale Now

Friday, September 19, 2014

iPhone 6 Madness --- The Drama Continues

He up all night to get his iPhone...

OK, it's a poor take on Daft Punk's Get Lucky, but you get my drift. Folks done plum lost their minds over release of the iPhone 6. Released on Friday, September 19, 2014, it has caused a state of manic hysteria in the streets and shopping malls worldwide, compelling folks to camp out, stampede, and scream to to anyone who will listen about the iPhone 6.

Here in San Diego, eager fans camped out in Mission Valley to be the first to seize the Holy Grail of smart phones.

 iPhone fans line up in Mission Valley for Latest Release, San Diego 6

Then there's the poor guy in Perth, Australia, so geeked to finally secure his prize, he drops it.

But wait, there's breaking news! Apparently everyone is not in agreement that iPhone and its manufacturer, Apple, rivals the second coming of phones. Somewhere in Mission Valley, nestled within the hills of San Diego, the clamor of the disenchanted arises...

Uh oh. The SEIU is protesting. Not good. Now, I'm wondering why? What has Apple done/not done to upset them? I will keep you posted.

In any case, whether you've been in line for three days to get your phone, bought your phone and dropped it before you could even use it, or you have a beef with Apple...

Happy Friday. Enjoy your day.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Iphone 6 Galaxy S5 & - Time to retire my flip phone?

So I missed a few calls.
OK, I just received the text you sent 24 hours ago.
No, I didn't hear my phone ring.
Yeah, I drove around aimlessly trying to remember where I'd seen the Thai food restaurant.
No, I don't have GPS.
Hmm, I'm not sure why this picture looks fuzzy.
No, I haven't seen what you posted to Facebook; I'm not in front of my computer.

That's right folks. I have an old phone. It's not quite as old as the brick shown above; however, it's a 5 year old basic flip model. Nothing fancy. I can call out. You can call me if you like. I can send you a text. It works. Besides, I have a first generation IPad, so what's all the fuss to possess a smart phone as well? Owning both seems a bit redundant to me.

Everyone hates my phone. My niece laughs at it. My best friend and my sister both dog me. It's funny though, everyone hates it, but no one has offered to pony up to the $$$ to pay for the smart phone, the monthly service fees or for the data.


If I was to have another financial lapse in judgement and get out the old debit card, what should I get?

This is all the rage right now. According to techradar.com the anticipated release date for the iPhone 6 is September 19. The device boasts a bigger screen than past generations, plus a bunch of other features I probably wouldn't use.  Will this phone take pictures of my finger prints? Hmm, maybe I watch too much Person of Interest. I'm not sure about all this new fangled technology stuff.

And then there's...

Samsung Galaxy S5. It seems to do the same things as the iPhone. Heck I don't know. I'm reading androidcentral.com review to better understand its features and functions. 
LG G3 is another competitor for my $1K (well not quite that much). I like this phone. LG offers a great metallic gold color that matches the car. Gadgets.ndtv.com has written a comprehensive review on the LG G3, comparing it to the iPhone 6, the Galaxy S5, the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z3. I guess I need to read it.

Maybe I should just stick with my iPad, or get a new one. The iPad Air has been out 10 months. I know that if I plunk down $800 bucks, they'll come out with a new one!

I have too many devices to choose from! Any thoughts? What are your experiences with these products? I would love to hear your input.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey

 What I Know For Sure - Oprah Winfrey

Something bad happens. Perhaps, a series of events occur, unfolding into our reality like a onion cut wrong. Everything falls apart. People leave us; we lose things that are precious to us. Every word uttered to us rings with criticism and disdain, casting us further down, deeper into the core of the onion. We tend to get mad at first, and maybe encounter bitterness. After having spiritually exhausting ourselves, we turn back to the Lord's teaching and reach for his love and understanding. All that has happened will be proven to have occurred for our good. 


Well not perhaps. It is so. It all happens for our good. I do believe that. However, sometimes we're worn down, losing hope, unwilling to face what must be dealt with. You ask the Lord for a sign, for guidance. When you've given up, you plop down on the couch and turn on the TV. At the moment the picture comes into focus you hear, 'I'm talking to someone out there. I'm talking to you.'

Oprah? Sure enough, it was her, doing an interview on Entertainment Tonight about her new book. I sat on the couch in disbelief. God heard me and had sent someone to talk to me.

"It doesn't matter what you're going through right now or what you've been through," said Oprah. "There is not one single thing that has ever happened to you that is going to be wasted. Everything that has happened to you has really happened for you to build strength."

Well how about that? It's amazing how the Lord comforts us to know he's watching us and listening to our cries. Thanks to Oprah for allowing the Lord to use her on September 9, 2014 at about 7:15pm PDT.

Check out the interview on ET: http://bit.ly/etonline-What-I-Know-For-Sure-Oprah-Interview

I'm going to read the book. If you want to link to it What I Know For Sure

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


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