Thursday, November 13, 2014

TGIT Down to the wire

I have no life.

But good news! TGIT's Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder have become my spice in life this fall season. I sit on the couch every Thursday night, finish my homework by 9pm (aka editing my book La Rose Book III Le Baton Chronicles due out December 1, 2014 [SHAMELESS PLUG? Yes, but it's my blog]), fire up TweetDeck and behold, my social life streams into view.

So, there are only two episodes remaining before my shows go on break. What am I suppose to do after the last show? I guess there are other shows to watch. I could stream reruns of HTGAWM and Scandal.

Maybe I could read a book.

Or, maybe I could work on writing the mystery series that's been bouncing around my brain for a couple years.

Can there really be life after TGIT?


Enough whining. Here are the promos for tonight's shows.


Olivia and the Prez need to step off my boy Papa-san Pope. OK, so he's a bit evil, manipulative and controlling. So what? Daddy is who he is. We need to accept him for that.


Ummm Umph! Annalise will be asking all the tough questions tonight. No getting off easy with this one. She will be rocking the 'fro and the nightie, while slathering on the Vaseline to prep for her fight against the world to figure out #WhoKilledSam, her no good cheating man.

Annalise's dalliances are inconsequential. I think we all agree on this.

Meanwhile, back on the Net...

"Tweeting has been berry, berry, good to you?" 

Why yes Chico Escuela, Garret Morris, or whatever name you're using these days. It has been good.

Look Mama! I made the top 100 tweets with #SmellieMellie on

I'm in the Major Leagues now.

I'll Tweet ya'll back.


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