Friday, September 19, 2014

iPhone 6 Madness --- The Drama Continues

He up all night to get his iPhone...

OK, it's a poor take on Daft Punk's Get Lucky, but you get my drift. Folks done plum lost their minds over release of the iPhone 6. Released on Friday, September 19, 2014, it has caused a state of manic hysteria in the streets and shopping malls worldwide, compelling folks to camp out, stampede, and scream to to anyone who will listen about the iPhone 6.

Here in San Diego, eager fans camped out in Mission Valley to be the first to seize the Holy Grail of smart phones.

 iPhone fans line up in Mission Valley for Latest Release, San Diego 6

Then there's the poor guy in Perth, Australia, so geeked to finally secure his prize, he drops it.

But wait, there's breaking news! Apparently everyone is not in agreement that iPhone and its manufacturer, Apple, rivals the second coming of phones. Somewhere in Mission Valley, nestled within the hills of San Diego, the clamor of the disenchanted arises...

Uh oh. The SEIU is protesting. Not good. Now, I'm wondering why? What has Apple done/not done to upset them? I will keep you posted.

In any case, whether you've been in line for three days to get your phone, bought your phone and dropped it before you could even use it, or you have a beef with Apple...

Happy Friday. Enjoy your day.

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