Friday, August 8, 2014

Winkie Con 2014 - San Diego California

It's here! I received my tickets and the mail and have mapped out my schedule. While attending the conference, I will be promoting my novel, Dorothy Jones A Jazz Age Trip through Oz. Check out the book at In this adaptation, Dorothy Jones (aka Dorothy Gail) is a saavy speakeasy owner in Jazz Age Harlem. After ingesting a couple of tainted martinis served by her crafty bartender, Dorothy wakes up from her black out in Oz, where she turns the Empire of Oz on its plastic Technicolor hollyhocks, destined to become crowned Empress of Oz.

If you want to bump into me at the conference, check out my schedule. See you over the rainbow, or as the case may be, in a psychedelic stupor.

The event will take place at:

The Town & Country Resort Hotel
500 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92106

Google Map for Town & Country Hotel

Hope to see you there!!!


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