Saturday, July 26, 2014

Comic Con 2014 July 26th

Another exciting day where our innermost dreams and fantasies are realized! I had a ton of fun, meeting other interesting artists, dreamers, and those who appreciated us. So many photographers! I think I could do the Red Carpet.

I enjoyed one celebrity sighting, at least one of the folks around me told me he was a celeb, an actor from XMen, but I don't know who. In any case, he wasn't very interested in being photographed; he allowed a few and then announced he was with his wife and had to go. Focused on being with family and attending an event at the Hardrock; his dismissal of the fans was a little disappointing, but understandable.

Here are some of the highlights of my day. If you want to see the full album, please visit my page on Picasa.

I hoped to see one my pals from Oz. The Rose and her Scarecrow. Or Dorothy. Dorothy Jones a Jazz Age Trip Through Oz.

The Rose and Jules of Pulp Fiction.

I think he has everything under control

Hanging with the Joker and his Jester

No Mssrs Storm Troopers, I haven't been dropping petals

Dangit! Pulled over again.

Ariel and La Rose at Dick's Last Resort in the Gas Lamp. I had a great time there. The Catfish is excellent, although they only gave three pieces. But good Stella on tap. I'm going back!

La Rose and Storm. She was fabulous!!!

Captain America, reflecting upon what must be done for the Nation.

I loved her costume!

La Rose and the Tin Buccaneers!

Superman showing Wonder Woman what's up. :-)
Today is my last hurrah at Comic Con until 2015. I need tips on how to winter my roses over the barren unfabulous days until next July. Back to Kansas, the land of ornery spreadsheets and calendars.

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