Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Lela!
Today, February 12, 2014, Lela Chevalier Roberts would have been 167 years old. Lela was born in 1847 to her master Augustus Chevalier and his slave cook, Sammie, in St. Helena's Parish Louisiana. Lela had a half brother and sister, Jean Charles and Lily Chevalier. Lily loved Lela deeply, not caring she was half black; however, her father could never accept her because of it.

Escaping her father's abuse and murder attempts, Lela escapes to New Orleans with her half brother and his wife. Lela perseveres, surviving the trials and tribulations of being Negro in 19th Century Louisiana, but to live a vivacious going on not only to rule New Orleans, but Heaven and Earth, and all those who dwell within.

Happy Birthday!!!

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