Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's something about the shoes

Dorothy Jones is a shoe girl. Anyone who knows Dorothy cannot deny her blatant love for stilettos. In Dorothy Jones A Jazz Age Trip Through Oz, Dorothy hits the shoe jackpot when she is transported to Oz after ingesting two martini's made with tainted bath tub gin: Ruby stilettos.

I've often wondered what this gift must have meant to Dorothy. You have to be kidding me, shoes constructed entirely of rubies? I know I would probably carry a soft cloth with me at all times to wipe the dust from them.

In any case, while sitting at my desk, the NM email ghosted in the lower right hand corner of my screen. I said, "What the heck, I can use some retail porn."

I opened the email and what I found blew my mind.

This week, my shoe dreams manifested into reality:

No,  you're not losing your mind. You think you hear the angels singing and rejoicing? Well, yes you do hear them because I hear them too.

Check out the side profile:

Rouge Absolute Crystal Suede Scallop Pumpdesigned by Valentino, is available at Neiman Marcus.

God must have channeled Dorothy's shoe to Mr. Valentino! They are so close to the shoe I envisioned for Dorothy, except my version sported a pesky ankle strap. I'm glad it was omitted from the real thing.

The shoe is simply beautiful. Check them out on NM's website. This dream prices out at about $3K. You can pre-order them as well...


Lordy, if only I had the $$$!!!

If you want to see more of my... uh I mean Dorothy's... shoe fetish, please visit Dorothy Jones A Jazz Age Trip Through Oz Pinterest page: http://goo.gl/sDZYrD.

It's good to be Dorothy and to drop speakeasies on witches.

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