Wednesday, August 21, 2013

March On Washington 50th Anniversary

On Wednesday, August 28, 2013 America will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, forever altering the course of American History. Although many may believe the March to be the brainchild of Dr. King and the Southern Christian Leadership Council (at least I had), it was organized by A. Philip Randolph, leader of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and political activist.

Growing up in the 70's, I always fantasied what the March must have been like for those fortunate enough to attend. I have missed major events in my adulthood, such as the President Obama's inaugurations, due to either financial limitations or obligations at home. In my novel La Rose, Book I Le Baton Chronicles, 24 year old Julian Charles Chamberie also suffers the same misfortune. An activist in the Civil Rights Movement, Julian is summoned home to New Orleans by his 116 year old Great-Grandmother Lela Chevalier Roberts on the eve of the March on Washington. Although furious with his grandmother's request, Julian skips the March and returns home to visit her once more, expecting her to die soon.

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As the March on Washington challenged the collective conscience of America, Lela  challenges Julian.  In preparation for his end time role as the Keyholder, Lela transports Julian through time and space to the La Rose Plantation in 19th century Louisiana,  reacquainting Julian with his life as Lela's father and slave owner, Augustus Chevalier. Lela captivates Julian's mind, soul, and spirit with her oral narration of the story, compelling Julian to examine his own inner turmoil, wounds, and strongholds which have dogged him across several lifetimes. Yet, Lela not only wishes for Julian to come to terms with his past life, but to learn how deal with the Archangels and Fallen angels who have battled for control of him throughout the centuries, and who continue to do so,  seeking take hold of the Chevalier Family for all time. With her account of their family history, Lela offers to Julian the opportunity to take hold of his true purpose in life and his freedom.

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