Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hey World! Living Life through Social Media

Designed by Claudia Ross
Social Media is now my second job; writing is my third.

My schedule, you may ask?

Work: (incl. travel to/from work): 730am - 730pm
Social Media: 7pm - 9pm (oh, there's intermittent Candy Crush mixed in)
Writing: 9-11pm
Candy Crush: 1130-1145pm
Bedtime: whenever

I have a full day.

I'm learning how to manage it all. I love Twitter. FB is OK. Instagram and Picasa I'm still learning. LinkedIn is cool. Not sure what Pintrest is all about? I guess it's like Picasa and Instagram? Ugh. Google +, I'm still figuring that one out too.

I downloaded something called Pocket (formerly Read It Later) to my IPad. It sounds cool. You can save articles, etc to Pocket and read at your convenience.

Buffer is an app that reveals peak hours/times when your followers are line. This will be great once I learn how to use it.

TweetCaster is an interface for Twitter. I like it. Tweets come in lightning quick, shiny front end. You can get stats on everything! Cool.

Do you have any tips on how you manage your social media activities? I would love to here them.

Here are some links if you would like to learn more about the apps I've discovered:

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