Friday, July 12, 2013

Releasing Control

In March, 2013 I published my first novel, Dorothy Jones A Jazz Age Through Oz.
Between December, 2012 and the time I published it, I placed a lot of pressure on myself to get it done. I would read it again and again; however, when I arrived at the chapter entitled "Emerald City," I would lose interest. I just assumed I was tired of reading the story. Yet, I never tired of reading the first chapters of the book. I published the novel and received good feedback on it. 

One Saturday in June, I awakened at 4am in the morning. Needless to say, I wasn't happy. Saturday was my day to sleep until 11am, not sit up in bed before the rooster crowed! I lay back on my pillow and all I could think about was Dorothy Jones. In my mind, I flipped through the book, laughing at most parts until I arrived at "The Emerald City." It was then I accepted the inescapable fact I did not like the end of my book!

I got out of bed, turned on my laptop, and spent the next two days re-writing the end of Dorothy Jones. By magic, different themes, sayings, characters and incidents within the story began to tie together and make sense. I republished the eBook that Sunday night.

Was it a surprise to me I didn't like the ending of the story? Not at all. When writing the story, I wanted Dorothy Jones to be a short story; something I could submit to contests. So, I stunted Dorothy's growth. Instead of allowing the story to take the course it desired, I forced it into the direction I wished it to go. Now that I've allowed Dorothy Jones to be the novel she desires to be, I love to read the entire novel, again and again.

Have you ever experienced this phenomenon in your writing? I would love to hear about how you learned to release control.

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